Luxury Rental Estate on the Amalfi Coast with swimming pool and sea views

This exquisite rental property, strategically situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the Amalfi coastline, is one of the largest luxurious and exclusive private estates of this idyllic region. The extensive grounds of the holiday rental property descend from the coast road through dense Mediterranean vegetation towards a spectacular sheer cliff edge above a crystal-clear sea. In this unique setting the tradition meets with innovation and relaxation reigns supreme. The two luxury rental villas, collectively accommodating up to 26 guests, boast outstanding constructions each with characteristic features and amazing sea views. Both were built in distinct architectural style and period: Villa Torre is a renovated medieval Saracen tower surrounded by several independent stone outbuildings. Villa Limonaia is a contemporary residence designed by the two eminent Italian architect, Vincenzo Monaco and Antonio Malavasi, in a harmonious fusion of style and local tradition. These two unique holiday villas can be rented collectively or separately. Both are equipped with private pool areas, terraces and luxury amenities. It is a truly stunning location for an unforgettable Amalfi Coast experience.

Both luxury rental villas, respectively accommodating up to 14 and 12 people, offer all the comforts. Our concierge assists guests and accommodates all requests including organizing excursions, cooking-classes, rentals and booking of activities.

The chef proposes a daily choice of exquisite dishes from the local traditional cuisine, all homemade meals cooked with locally grown, seasonal products. The butler and the cleaning lady guarantee a flawless waiting service and the daily maintenance of the holiday villa. Furthermore, a delicious Limoncello liqueur, prepared with the home grown lemons from our garden, is available for those who may wish to try it.

At the core of our rental villas, there is the gym always at Guests’ disposal, as well as a little massage center available by reservation. Hidden away in a secluded corner there is also a charming private chapel where it is possible to arrange romantic wedding ceremonies or other simple, yet elegant celebrations. Climbing down the steep stairs near Villa Torre, you discover a charming grotto formed in the rock where, upon demand, exclusive classic concerts can be organized at dusk for special occasions.


Villa Limonaia is an exceptional contemporary holiday rental villa designed and built in the 1960s by a leading Italian architect. Set in the heart of one of the most attractive and extensive private estates of the Amalfi coast, the luxury rental Villa Limonaia offers a unique private retreat in an inspirational setting.


Villa Torre Saracena is a medieval watchtower situated within one of the most extensive private estates of the Amalfi coast with 3 different separate annexes. The grounds of this luxury rental villa descend from the coastal road down through a landscape of dense Mediterranean vegetation as pine woods, lemon trellises.


Wellness Zone

Wellness Zone

The property also includes a unique wellness centre, with a massage room hewn into the rock. A small gym contains essential training equipment.



The property, with its own private chapel in the grounds, offers the perfect setting for an exclusive and romantic wedding celebration in Amalfi Coast.

Concerts and Performances

Concerts and Performances

The holiday property organizes exclusive concerts and performances of Neapolitan plays  for special occasions in a series of ancient caves.