Amalfi’s Cathedral

amalfi-cathedralInstead of using the term Cathedral, it would be more correct to speak of a monumental complex, as it is made up of several autonomous parts that are colligated together. The oldest structure is certainly the Basilica of SS.Crocifisso, built in 833. Another church was built beside it in 987, to form one majestic Cathedral with six naves, that in the Baroque era was divided into two churches. The Bell-tower was started in 1180 and finished in 1276; in 1206 the Crypt was constructed to hold the Sacred Remains of St. Andrew Apostle. The last building to be built was the Cloister of Paradise between 1266 and 1268.

Cloister of Paradise
In perfect Romanesque- Amalfitan Style, it was built between 1266 and 1268 by order of Archbishop Filippo Augustariccio as a cemetery for the Nobles of Amalfi. Interesting the structure of entwined arches resting on 120 marble columns and the play of light created by sun-rays amongst the arabesque of arches….

Basilica of the Crucifix
The ancient Cathedral of Amalfi built in the IX century on the site of an earlier Paleo-Christian temple. Later adapted to the baroque style, it was returned to the original Romanesque Style in the restoration of 1994
Therefore we can now admire the splendid open-side gallery decorated with twin and single arches, and the majestic columns of the original structure. On the left-hand side probably part of the primitive temple, two small chapels frescoed with scenes of the miracles and the effigies of Saints including Beato Fra Gerardo Sasso, of Amalfi and founder of the order of Malta.

The Crypt of St. Andrew
We are now in the house of St. Andrew, the first Apostle, who died at Patrasso in Greece embracing the cross, as his Master before him…
Built in 1206, to hold the Sacred remains of St. Andrew , that arrived two years later, brought from Constantinople by the Cardinal Pietro Capuano, pontifical legate in the IV crusade. The sacred relics are held in a silver urn under the central altar, work of Domenico Fontana.

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