Emerald Grotto

emerald-grottoThe entrance maybe hidden but in a few seconds time will stand still as colour takes on a new meaning… The Grotto is a extraordinary temple, an embroidery of millenary lights, where the sea reproduces the most sublime colours: cobalt blue that merges into turquoise… turquoise becomes green… an emerald green that wraps itself around everything.

The inside is like an oriental temple, filled with columns, stalactites and bizarre shaped curtains, that popular fantasy gives curious names and likeness. There are mermaids and fantastic animals, famous people: e.g. Garibaldi on his horse, who becomes George Washington for the Americans and Napoleon for the French…

In this enchanting cavern the typical elements of an inland grotto exist side by side with those of a marine grotto. This is because once the grotto was above sea level and the slow dripping created stalactites and stalagmites of various dimensions; later about 6000 years ago the higher temperature of the earth and the phenomenon of slow subsidence caused the sea level to rise thus submerging the coast, the Tyrrhene invaded part of the grotto giving us the marvellous ambient we find today, it is created mainly by an aperture towards the sea at about 4 metres under the sea level…

The Emerald Grotto was discovered in 1932 by a local fisherman who was curious about two strange holes in the rock face: he proudly wore the band that declared him “The discoverer of the Emerald Grotto”, until his death… originality of its tastes.

EMERALD GROTTO 24 km from Maiori
Information office info@eptsalerno.it