The Solfataras of Pozzuoli

solfataras-pozzuoli-naplesThe Solfatara of Pozzuoli is without a doubt the most interesting volcano of the Phlegreaen Fields, an area north of Naples made up by approx. 40 ancient volcanoes.
The Romans already knew the Solfatara since Imperial times. Strabone (66 B.C. -24 A.C.) gives the most ancient written testimony coming to us in his “Strabonis geographica”, indicating it with the name “Forum Vulcani”, dwelling of the god Vulcano, entrance to Hades.

The Solfatara opens up officially to visitors in the year 1900, although it was since time immemorial destination for its renown vulcanic phenomena, for the therapeutic properties of the sulphurous waters and for the hot saunas; it was in fact included among the forty most famous thermae of the Phlegreaen Fields since the Middle Ages.

There was no traveller of the 18th and 19th century who wouldn’t place the Solfatara among his excursions within the so called “Grand Tour”,educational travel for the young scions of the European noble families.
Around 1900 a thermal establishment was organised within the Solfatara, as a publicity leaflet and illustrated print of the time can well testify. In this “thermal bath”it was possible to cure oneself with mud, given the existence of a natural mud pit, and with the sulphurous water as well as bathe in the vapors of the so called saunas. An extractive activity of alume, sulphur and bianchetto since the beginning of the 20th century operating, an activity which found its heyday during the Middle

Solfataras of Pozzuoli
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