vesuvioHalf a day for the excursion is needed. The breathtaking drive up reaches the height of a thousand meters, going very close to the lava flows of the last eruption.
From the spot reached by bus a walk of about half an hour is needed to get to the peak of the crater where some alpine guides will show people around. The excursion can be combined with a visit to Pompei – Herculaneum – Naples etc

Vesuvio National Park, of great geological and historical interest, has been established in order to safeguard the values of the territory, use suitable means to allow a correct integration between man and environment, promote environmental education and scientific research activities. The Park was also born from the need to defend the most famous volcano in the world: Vesuvius, a typical example offence volcano consisting of an external truncated cone, the extinct Mt. Somma, with a crateric perimeter which has been mainly destroyed and in which there is a smaller cone represented by Vesuvius, which is still active. The territory, rich in historical-naturalistic beauties, boasts of a unique agricultural production for the great variety and originality of its tastes.

Vesuvius 63 Km from Maiori
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